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canadian product designer based in vancouver, british columbia, providing products that make daily life better for everybody – aesthetically and functionally


2007 red dot award: design concept: SWVL 3.0 Tealight Lantern Lanterns stelton your choice fyrfadsstage lysestage stelton novelties 2010


member of bcid british columbia industrial designers association


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sören schou søren schou


A natural curiosity feeds an eagerness to invent and develop products with flair and ingenuity. Ideas and products spring from personal needs, and often from questioning existing products' inadequate functionality. Staying away from quantity, trends and fashions, Sören’s style is that of Scandinavian functionality, quality, sensibility and longevity. Sören believes that products should enhance life, making it more comfortable, exciting and enriching.


founded componance inc. a manufacturer and retailer of high-end architectural furniture and hardware with peter busby


Lightfair 2001 - Best New Product: Meso X1 Linear T5 Luminaire (Ledalite Architectural Products)

Lightfair 2001 - Best Energy Saving Lighting Product : Ergolight Discus Circular T5 Luminaire (Ledalite Architectural Products)

1998 Architectural Institute of British Columbia, Innovation Merit Award: Designlines Furniture System 01

1982 "Boligen"; 1st Prize: Interior Design Competition - Berlingske Tidende

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unfinished works

A continuing study of the novel approach - 'the better bowl'.


Almost invisible at first glance, the bowl actually has different edge characteristics on the inside; one side (front) has a softly curved bottom - ideal for spoons - whereas the other (back) side has a sharper radiused inside corner, which assists in better trapping food items, whether you're using chop sticks or regular utensils.


The extended 'ear' (with its resting hole for utensils) provides a comfortable hand-hold for a better grip on the bowl. The bumpy bottom adds a touch of fun and youthful frivolity and practicality (dishwash water run-off).


Growing up with Ørskov's exquisite melamine dishes and bowls (by Henning Koppel), I appreciate the elegance, strength and versatility of this material, and for that reason I have chosen melamine for this series, mixed with an organic fibre.


Design  | Vancouver, Canada  |  2011